Having a properly functioning gutter system preserves the integrity of the property’s foundation and reduces the chance of water damage to the fascia and siding. It also cuts down the mosquito population by diminishing the amount of standing water (a mosquito breeding ground!).

Leaf Removal

Just as the leaves turn colors and make for the great crispness of fall, remember that fallen leaves on your lawn may cause damage and are a mess. Let us clean it up for you and make your yard pristine once again!

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Spring and Fall are important times of the year to transition your yard to the brutal Texas Summer heat or prepare for the dormant Winter.  To prepare for the summer, we will clean your lawn of leaves and debris and can include thatching to make sure all the dead grass is removed before summer begins.  As Autumn approaches, don’t think that your lawn needs less care because the grass grows more slowly. The exact opposite is true!  During autumn, the grass is busy absorbing moisture, nutrients and the energy it will need to survive the long, dormant winter.

Lawns should continue to be watered and mowed throughout the fall. As the season winds down, the mower blades should be lowered to allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass.

Aeration and raking should be done through the fall, as well.

Fall cleanup sneaks up faster than most expect and so many customers find themselves ill-prepared for winter. Let Amazing Lawn Care handle the continued care of your lawn’s needs and include any cleanup and prep of your home’s lawn and landscape for every season of every year!